What are customer returns?

Consumer returns are products that have been returned to the store they were purchased from.

What is ABC class / category?

These are products that may be new, used, incomplete, damaged or not working

Good quality returns. Does it mean everything is new in packaging?

No, the returns are a mix of ABC products. The products may have traces of use, damaged packaging, they could have been unpacked and then returned due to a missed gift or someone did not like the product. There are also damaged products and those incomplete; have been damaged by the courier company or the customer.

Why don't you have A or AB pallets?

These categories are most desired by customers. But when the final prices come, everyone turns on their heels. Why? A / AB categories are usually sold between 50-80% of their value, which generates high prices, and not everyone would like to pay PLN 10,000 for one pallet? Better to buy 5 ABC pallets for PLN 2,000.

Can a private person buy it?

Yes, a private person can also buy such pallets. Instead of an invoice, we issue a receipt.

Can I trade it in Poland?

Tak, zwroty konsumenckie z innych krajów niż rodzimy mają zezwolenie na obrót na terenie Polski.

What if the product is incomplete?

Incomplete items can be sold as incomplete. What if there is no wheel in the ride-on? Then you can order a 3D print from an appropriate company.

I don't know what to do with the C items?

Category C items can be divided into the following areas: toys, household appliances, etc. Then, create a specification for these groups and sell tchem

I bought a worse palette and earlier I had a better one

Yes, consumer returns are not always the same. The Western online store does not group pallets for better and worse. Products are scanned, dropped in and shipped. Our company has no influence on whether a given pallet will be better or worse.

Why is the manifest not in Polish?

Our returns come mainly from the Western online store. As it is a global brand, the products that are returned come from many European countries

How do I start trading returns?

For a start, it’s best to choose a palette where there are a lot of products and one where the diversity is quite large. Why? This way you will get to know your local market and what your customers are looking for. We have customers from many corners of Poland and the products they trade are really diverse.

How much does this palette weight?

The weight of the pallets depends on the products on it. A pallet with a garden will be much heavier than with toys, despite similar dimensions.

Why are the prices different?

Price differences depend on the value of the products on a given pallet. An important aspect is also the euro exchange rate in which we buy a given delivery.

Previously, I used to buy the same pallet cheaper, now it is more expensive, why?

An important aspect is the euro exchange rate in which we will buy a given delivery and the cost of transport.

Will I get a discount?

Yes, we give a discount for wholesale purchases, i.e. over 3 pieces. When buying one pallet, it is difficult for us to offer a PLN 300 discount, as some customers ask.

How much does the shipping cost?

It depends on destination coutrny. For export is usually organised by buyer. Wihtin Poland, we orginse a transport.

How long does it take for a pallet to arrive?

Depends on destination

Wholesale what does it mean?

Purchase of more than 3 pallets

Why are some pallets unavailable, even though they are not in stock yet?

We receive the specification before the delivery arrives. Then it is also sent to our regular customers, who can book the pallets in advance after their partial payment.

Why don't you check that things are operational and complete?

This process is time-consuming (it may take up to 8 hours) and may affect the final price. When buying ABC, each of us should accept the risk associated with returns.

How should I read the pallet specification?

Each specification received from the Western store contains the ASIN code of the product, eg B073JYVKNX. We paste this code into the google search engine, and then go to the Amazon website with the item.

Does your company provide a guarantee for returns?

We are an intermediary between the western store and the end customer and we do not guarantee returns on pallets.

Can I check if the products on this palette are complete?

Unfortunately, this is not possible.

Can I come to your warehouse?

Yes, before arrival, please contact us to make sure that the company will be open on a given day and time

Why don't you have pallets in one category, e.g. printers, furniture, car parts?

Pallets are not sorted by us, which allows us to keep the original specification.

26. Will I buy this printer mix pallet, PC for PLN 1000, not PLN 2500?

Pallets are sold for 25% of their net market value, and prices are based on specifications. If there was no specification for a given pallet, the price would also be different, because we would not know its total value.

I will only buy a shaver, I don't want the rest, what is the price?

We do not sell individual items because we do not check them for operation.

I buy cheaper from another gentleman, can you give me a better price?

The prices in our warehouse are fixed in advance, the only discounts we can give are those for wholesale purchases. We do not recommend shopping. The investment should be well thought out!

Can I return a mix abc pallet? I don't like the articles on it.

Unfortunately we do not accept returns. This is a certain risk that is consciously taken with various investments. You receive a specification that you can study carefully before making a purchase. We do not sell new items with a guarantee!

30. What is the breakdown of the categories data? How much A, how much B, how much C?

Unfortunately, we do not know this. Mix ABC is untested, unsorted consumer returns

31. How many pieces are there on a given pallet?

There is a product list in the specification, you can count it

32. How to read the specification?

Looking from left to right – the first column is the pallet’s identification mark, the second column – this is the section from which the product is made, the third – the ASIN code that identifies each product, the fourth – the product description that we receive from the Amazon network, the fifth – is the value market for the item. The value of the pallet and its price are recorded on the product page

Why some of the products from manifest are incorrect?

Our company buying truckloads of Amazon pallet mixes, is informed that 5% of products may be incorrect. Thus, there might be a missing products or swaped products. In this situation we cannot make any claims for incorrect manifests because we agreed to that. Such cases happens very seldom.